Friday, July 10, 2015

Hammond house of horror

He has got it all wrong.You don't tell tourists abroad to come home,that is their choice.What he should have said is the British gov cannot guarantee UK tourist's safety in Tunisia so if they go there on their own heads (or off their heads) be it.He would have drawn less wrath from the Tunissian gov had he taken that tack and also from the irate tourists who can only see as far as their own sunbeds and care not a jot for geo political realities which after the horror of few weeks ago one would have thought they might have started taken a slight interest in.

This is just another illustration of gov getting the tone all wrong but in a sense it is not undeliberate as all UK political parties of whatever stripe are paternalistic in nature and such announcement as Mr Hammond made and the way it was framed goes with the territory.

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