Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Alzheimer conundrum

Old age is an epidemic,afflicting more and more people thanks to medical progress.The downside is the sept and octagenarians are prone to degenerative diseases like alzheimer and dementia which in past times they would have avoided through early death at say 65.Mr S used to claim that alzheimers was a sign or moral depravity,he called it 'old caca's disease' and mocked those who were so afflicted.Why could they not be old and robust with all their marbles -like Ronald Reagan?( ?!) We all know how that one ended.In fact astute observers had already suspect something was amiss with the old dodderer long before he left office (sorry,I just can't remember if I authorised the funding of the Nicaraguan contras).

But Is alzheimers a consequence of bad psychoepistemology rather than a purely biological degeneration of cells?Not sure if any research on this has been carried out but think it would be worthwhile.Mr S and his band of followers have already made up their mind on the issue unsurprisingly:Alzheimers is a manifestation of demonic possession!There you are then,by their inexorable logical  inference Ronald Reagan as some had long suspected, was in the pay of Beezlebub.

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