Thursday, February 18, 2010


Ideology is a much despised word in modern political nomenclature but ironically enough the benefactor of this agreed upon omerta by the political establishment elite on ideology is ideology itself.It can thus do its work unoticed existing in a subterrannean netherworld of unspoken established othordoxies.A love that dare not speak its name of ideology thus escapes any challenge, forever lurking in the darker recessesses of the collective unconscious and national psyche all the more powerfully positioned to spread its invisible noxious poison unchecked into the body politic.What is this established orthodoxy,this political shibbolith,this ideology which chooses to lurk on the outskirts of political consciousness, carrying out sorties on the polity,wreaking havoc on the culture of our beleagured and broken nation?It is none other than the ideology of Collectivism,Socialism and its greatest friend is the cover of darkness and its partner in crime Pragmatism.This is where the Conservatives come in.They are friends coming to the assistance of Socialist ideology via pragmatism.Thus we hear from the Tories the mantra that the NHS is safe in their hands.Cameron has gone down this path of slavish adherence to the Socialist nightmare vision of Socialise health care that is the NHS.How proudly he champions this Socialist neanderthal in the name of anti ideology! We can now see how ideology spurned in public discourse continues to exist in reality and informs all political policy and that rather than rejecting it as an anachronism and throw back to 20 th century thinking it is an indespensable ally that must be explicity articulated in any posited objectives by all parties in the clear light of day so that never again can the leftist ideologues promote their policies under false colours of non partisan non ideology. Let their poisonous ideolgy rather be named and called out.And let the Conservatives totally and utterly disavow any tincture of socialist ideology from their public policy especially heaven forbid when smuggled under cover of the arch fiend and impostor, Pragmatism.

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