Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Bible. The Truth -But Not As We know It

Ch 4 has been inviting different folk to say what the Bible means to them in a weekly series on the Good Book.Ann Widdecombe was on recently and the murderous Bastard Gerry Adams is on next week - so sick bags to the ready.Last week some dumbass feminist called Betthany was rewriting the Bible in front of our eyes and going through a list of Women Who Are In The Bible from Jezebel('misunderstood'),Eve('only obeying orders' -it was the snake what dun it), Salome, Lilith etc.These days I don't know what to think of the Bible but it is amazing how people bring all their prejudices to bear on their reading of a text which is predominantly unambiguous and lends itself to straight literal interpretation.One thing is for sure.The Bible may be lots of things but it is not a feminist Marxist tract.Women do not come out of the Bible smelling of roses.Their name stinks.Theirs is a peripheral role in all events except the Fall Of Man when they play an ignomionous role an no amount of verbal sleight of hand, hysterical revisionism and politcal correctness can alter that.

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