Thursday, February 18, 2010

Climate Change Agents

As Europe continues to shiver in the Big Freeze and whole swathes of America is snowed under you would think the Climate Change Liars would finally shut up for good -but not a bit of it.Their latest wheeze is well,so dumb, but here it is.What we see as the Climate is really nothing of the sort.It is The Weather. Climate is the overall picture, and the weather is what happens every day.So even if we are freezing to death that doesn't mean the Climate Isn't Warming.Got that? Thank God that's cleared up then.It is really good all these Liberals are able to put us straight on these matters although Mr Donald Trump is not impressed and was on Fox Tv channel yesterday saying Al Gore should have his Nobel Prize for -what was it now? - gently but firmly removed from him for telling porkies.He says that all this Government taxation is putting America at a disadvantage and the rest of the world is taking us for fools.The Climate Changers have been exposed as charlatans and fibbers and its time to stop paying them any mind.On this humble blog we can only concur with the Master Builder and Capitalist Hero.The Inconvenient Truth Trumps Lies once again!

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