Thursday, February 18, 2010

Innumeracy. It Doesn't Add Up

On TV the other day: how children cannot do basic Math - and neither can their teachers!They are teaching them who knows what gobbldegook in maths class but the children have not got the basics.Only under a Socialist State Education system.They try to pretend it is only one fifth who are falling behind nationally but when both pupils and teachers sat a test of basic math they all failed dismally so whoever is calculating the percentage of failure in the Government schools is clearly as innumerate as the techers and their hapless pupils.Why does this public scandal continue? It has to be by design.The teachers are all Socialist Change Agents brainwashed and programmed in the State Teacher Training Laboratories where all those with any intelligence are weeded out and the useful idiots who are Left are primed to miseducate and create another generation to add to all the past generations of brain dead students fit only for the welfare line and a life of dependency on the State, swelling the ranks and legions of undead, unthinking Labour voting fodder.

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