Thursday, February 18, 2010

British Tea Party?

Is a Tax Revolt in the offing?The British are renowned for their bloody mindedness we are told, although I have seen no sign of it in my 51 years.(The Government says Tax! and we say How high?) Still, you have to dream.They just need a figurehead.Someone who will lead them to the barricades.What they have to see is the present Parliamentary system is not working and something along the lines of Labour's latest proposal of electoral reform of quasi PR will have to be introduced to allow the smaller parties to influence government.The cosy LabTory Con-sensus is long over due for demolition.It gave us the EU,Multiculturalism, Big Government that has taken us to the very brink of Totalitarianism.Surely the British people have eaten husks long enough? Or will they like the Leviticus dog go back to their Tory vomit?
The corrupt two party system has also given us the eubonic plague of Multiculturalism. In the 80's there was a genuine choice between the big two but now that is no longer the case and they both represent Statism we do need PR.Independents,BNP,UKIP,Libertarians all need a voice if we are not to slouch towards totalitarianism.Parliament is corrupt and is aping its taskmasters in Brussels and the whole stinking system needs to be purged.The cosy LabTory Statist consensus needs to be smashed.

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