Thursday, February 18, 2010

Watching a David Starkey prog on Elizabeth 1st recently it emerged to my historically ignorant self that the habbit of taxing everything that moves and doesn't move is of semi ancient origin.Our greatest monarch- as Starkey would have it- was busily taxing her subject like there was no tomorrow,nothing escaped her ravenous maw and so it is today under our second elizaabeth although it should be stated of course that the honourable lady is entirley blameless in this present frenzied raid on the hapless 21st century British taxpayers and is but the mere innocuous shadow of an old tyranny now reconfigured in the form of parlaiment. A tyranny made all the more shameless and abject it must be said in that it has the imprimatur of the British electorate who every four years vote back into power their own oppressors!Can it be doubted that taxation is the tool of tyranny as a man once said?It is a modern form of slavery in that it necessitates State coercion to force a disarmed population into the sevitude of those who will not work to maintain their is ann insurance scheme that no insurance company would ever dare to concoct.. It would be indicted if it did for running a ponzi scheme.The welfare state is totally unfunded,built on a promise which is not worth the paper it isn't even written on.The foundations of the welfare state are of course socialist and thus made of sand.From each according to his ability to each according to his need.From independence to dependency in one slick fatuous bromide and on such evil foundations the welfare state was born,a monstrous afterbirth an Hegelain deformity proudly displaying its hideous stumps and misbegotten hideousness like a badge of honour. A nation brought low by a con trick,a ponzi scheme which if perpetrated by any businessman whould find him in jail for the rest of his life, enacted by people so amoral that they are proud of their accomplishment and preen themselves on its efficacy and brilliance.The inverted moral universe these denizens of the dark inhabit in unimaginable in its depravity.We live with its baneful effects on a daily basis and our slavery is made all the more onerous with the knowledge that we were and the willing participants in this human bondage.

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