Saturday, February 20, 2010

Is The State The Enemy Within?

If the use of force against an individual by an individual is illegal and carries a prison sentence why is force against an individual by the State permitted and sanctioned? The role of the State in a free society is to protect individual rights ie the use of force against an individual is a crime and the State's function is to punish those who commit such acts with the full force of the law.In a Democracy this principle is reversed.The State is the initiator of force against the individual through taxation which is the violation of property rights.Such a State has at this point become illegitimate and the people have a right to overthrow it! Democracy is the mantra of all demagogues,the hypnotic tool of despots and every four years the demoralised drones of demagogueryy dutifully file through the ballot stations and sheep like vote their oppressors in for another four like lambs voting for kebabs.

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