Saturday, February 20, 2010

Blog Off!

Is the internet all that? How has it changed anything?Politics in the UK is business as usual.We have a Left of centre Tory party and the same old corruption of the two party system.People are chattering away in their own blog enclaves, each with their own clique,claque, hangers on and groupies, the politicians have wised up to the game and are all blogging.Ditto the MSM.I fail to see any revolution here, just a reconfiguring and regrouping of the status quo.When a billion voices are chattering who can hear?Maybe China and Iran will become more politiclly free but there are precious few signs of that and it will probably take Israel to nuke Iran into the 21st century(please God).We have the internet to thank for the abomination that is Obamma, a nightmare of inconceivable horror that the free world may well not recover from.It can be an educational tool but even that is somewhat overplayed.Are today's children better educated as a result?! It could end up being a more effective tool, conveyor and facilitator of ignorance and mass stupidity.

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