Thursday, February 18, 2010

Freedom: How To Lose It

Freedom is not lost overight but taken away in installments.This way anyone claiming that the incremental erosion of freedom is a threat to liberty can be readily and effectively accused by the freedom stealers of making a mountain out of a molehill. it is only down the line when the accumulative effect of freedom erosion becomes apparent that it may dawn on the general populace hitherto preoccupied with their own daily struggle for a living that their freedom is indeed under threat, by which time it is invariably to late to mount any effective resistance as all the institutions have by this time been so comprehensively co opted into the service of tyranny and oppression and the anti freedom trend already so extensively established and entrenched that it is impossible to overcome.Like the lobster that is slowly being boiled in cold water by the time people awaken to the threat posed by the anti freedom forces it is too late to do anything about it as the powers ranged against them are at this point too mighty, institutionalised and entrenched to repel.Thus do people lose their freedoms under the installment plan and no clearer illustration of this insidious principle could be offered than that of the hydra headed pan European institution known as the EU which has sinuously advanced its totalitarian agenda over a period of half a century by carefully gradated calibrated and calculated stages, at each step justifiying its further encroachments on National sovereignty and liberty in high sounding pseudo Democratic terms masking its insidious intent in coded emollient language calculated to induce a stupefying bored indifference amongst the general population who will then at this final concluding stage be completely subject to its totalitarian dictat.

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