Sunday, November 29, 2015

How to Win the War

As we go stumbling towards yet another doomed incoherent range of the moment military misadventure this time in Syria it is time to pause and ask ourselves why the greatest military might in human history has not been able to defeat a rag tag motley crew of inept amateur primitive barbarian cave dwelling troglodytes with feeble weapons who with concerted focused effort could have been defeated in weeks by the western powers or America alone.So what has held this behemoth back and prevented it from squashing this insignificant Islamic insect? We have to go not to the military textbooks but rather the philosophical ones for our answer.

It is our unspoken philosophy and ideology that has failed us and robbed us of our ability to identify and name the enemy and then destroy it mercilessly and ruthlessly.Our enemies are not primarily Islam and its evil applications as framed by the Jihadist Wahabee death cultists but our inadequate confrontation with their ideology and our refusal to name the enemy and combat it .We have been disarmed by a self negating self crippling culture seeded and grown in our universities and places of learning by the commanding heights of our intellectuals who have robbed us of our ability to judge objectively between good and evil through such excrescences as moral relativism,multiculturalism and political correctness from this self loathing cabal of the Marxist liberal elite.

How can an extreme literalist interpretation of Koranic scripture be confronted by a western culture still benighted by its own adherence to an equally backward barbaric  judeo Christian culture with its self sacrificing self immolating altruistic memes sharing  the self same identical philosophical roots of mysticism with its hostility to reason,individualism and proud self assertion?We do not seek to destroy the enemy but stroke it with food parcels and democracy.Hence our inability to destroy a pathetic enemy that only waxes strong because of our weakness,immorality and capitulation to it.

Let us not go to war until we have understood all the above as it will only be handing another victory to the moral pygmies we have by default turned into invincible indomitable giants.

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