Saturday, November 28, 2015

Roymaster watch

 Roy Masters makes great play of the supposed distinction between him and organized religion but as stated in a previous post this is a bogus distinction.All religions extract monies from their followers using the age old technique of guilt manipulation.Masters has spent his career of evil doing just this, panhandling on the radio.He derides the denizens of stained glass windows,claiming the FHU is not a church but this plainly false.The airwaves are his church for you can only cram so many suckers into a physical church but with the boundless reach of the ether you can draw people in from far and wide.

There are numerous example of religious hucksters in the land of non state religion that is America and they invariably begin by dabbling in hypnosis,conjuring tricks and hypnosis, for sleight of hand is their craft and this is how they cut their teeth in the crude trade of deception and prestidigitation.In this Masters is no exception and he also possesses the art of voice throwing ventriloquism which I witnessed first hand at a seminar he gave in France in the late 80's.What better preparation and forcing ground for the greater fakery of religious hucksterism.


FHU United Kingdom said...

The whole point of the FHU is to teach people to overcome their resentment. Free from their hate and anger the quality of their lives will improve: it has worked for me and many others. The message of how to give up our negative emptions is shared over the airwaves, which has a large cost. Hence the appeal for donations. It’s just you and the radio. You can turn it off at any time and no one would ever know.

Roy Masters had dedicated his life to teach people how to be content and love others. Surely this is not Evil!

The Patriot said...

Here here!!

No one has uncovered the root cause of human suffering to the depth and scope Roy has. He said on one of his recent programs that animals have anger - flight or fight - and it's over for them once the danger has passed. Humans can be angry too for a few moments in order to win a fight for instance; but the emotions and thoughts that go round and around inside our heads all day - with the endless chatter they bring of 'if he says that to me, I'll say that to him' is insane. This is what makes us sick and depressed. How someone can say exposing this is evil is beyond me. This is just a common sense observation.

And there's nothing wrong with asking for donations. He doesn't get that much anyway - hence the need to keep asking.

If it looks like Roy has created psychotic followers it's only because they are psychotic already. There's absolutely no danger in listening to him and I don't know why you are so concerned. You'd be better at sticking to the war against the Left and ISIS.

If you don't like it, don't listen to it :-/