Saturday, November 28, 2015

Religion, the greatest man made evil of all

Those who lie for a living are committing fraud and should be subject to the gravest censure.Such are the peddlars of faith down the ages and they ply their wicked evil trade to this day.Some seek to differentiate between church religion and Christianity but this is a bogus distinction for it is not the stained glass windows,incense and general priestcraft which is the greatest evil but the very message of Christianity itself with its life negating man negating misanthropic world view that stifles human flourishing,stunts young minds and paralyses them with fear and self loathing.

What is the greatest threat to religion and the purveyors of faith?The unaided human intellect. It is the greatest foe and enemy of revealed truth.The intellect must be trashed,defamed,negated,discredited for it is the one thing that stands between the religious and their goal -an iron clad totalitarian grip over the minds of their victims who are robbed of the only tool that will enable them to independently evaluate and assess the ridiculous and fantastic claims of its votaries.The application of the intellect will turn a harsh and unforgiving searchlight on the claims of religion and this it cannot withstand.Its absurd assertions,arbitrary constructions,fantastic claims will crumble like pie crust when subjected to the vigorous analysis of free enquiry.

The religious are right to fear the intellect for they sense it will spell the end of their misrule down the centuries,their abuse of power,their tyranny their hateful ministrations their lyying mendacious sway,the hypnotic thrall they have subjugated their victims under for so long, all of this is threatened by the steady gaze of a critical unfettered mind.

Consider the state of mind the advocates of faith wish to induce: blind, craven,accepting,acquiescing unquestioning enslavement to religious authority,the acceptance of unearned guilt,endless supplication to an unseen arbitrary authority,endless but hopeless propitiations,groveling,fear, self doubt. Thus it can be truly seen how religion was the first totalitarian human construct from which all the later nihilistic twentieth century secular ones were forged.

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