Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Roy Master'sWatch

Those familiar with the film Wizard of Oz will remember the unmasking of the latter who throughout the film is portrayed as a disembodied God like figure who terrorizes all with his imperious power.The screen is pulled aside and a little man with a megaphone is revealed.I am reminded of this when thinking of Roy Masters the radio guru of Grants Pass.He may appear tough and uncompromising in his own thiefdom on the radio but when subject to criticism on neutral territory is thin skinned and highly defensive.Although he makes great play of welcoming any criticism on his programme whenever anyone takes him up on the challenge he is quick to cut them off if they start to encroach on his carefully constructed persona of perfection.

In a studio debate he receives a mauling from a articulate critic who specialises in unmasking cults and exposing them.Masters accuses him of being a parasite.According to him all writers journalists and critics are parasites because they do not forge continents but merely write about those who do and by some insinuation appropriate the achievements of the men of action.This is debatable as those who seek to rule over us do need scrutiny and without a free press we would live in North Korea which is probably what Masters would favour where no light of scrutiny is ever shone on the powerful.But the main charge here is parasitism so let us look at Masters and see if he is guilty of such a charge.

His name was Obermeister and he changed it to Masters.A steal one could say.His prog was called How your Mind Can Keep you Well -a direct lift by his own admission from a Reader's Digest article.He quotes liberally from others rarely attributing the source.He uses an ancient Jewish technique called dovening which involved the strapping of a box onto the forehead as a concentration prayer aid which he adapted for his meditation technique of bringing attention to the forehead.And he uses the Bible as his source so it is hard to see how anything of Roy Masters is other than stolen  and plagiarized which is the very essence and definition of parasitism.

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