Friday, November 20, 2015

Roy Masters Watch

In a video I was sent recently the guru Roy Masters  was excoriating in front of a small audience Americans for not doing real jobs.Everyone is selling shoes instead of doing a real job out in the field.Hang on a minute.Do not the sons of Masters do just that -sell cars and houses and ditto his daughter who is always selling something or other.And what about the great Masters himself -when did he last do a 'real' job?For over sixty years he has spent his time flapping his lips and panhandling on the radio.Or perhaps it is only the lower orders who should be out in the field and not the self elected elite who have a vocation to save souls?

Does not all of this have a ring of familiarity to it? Mao's great leap forward drove all the intellectuals out of the city and forced them into manual agricultural labour.Milions died.Pol pot did a re run in Cambodia with the same cataclysmic results.

In another equally absurd video Masters is seen terrifying his audience with tales about an electromagnetic pulse which could be unleashed by terrorists which could take out the whole grid and plunge American into a pre industrial abyss.What's the problem with that -after all Masters advocates a return to nature,toiling in the fields - what's not to like?

There is something profoundly immoral about a person making a living lying to people and concocting stories about what will happen to them if they do not fall in line and worship a supernatural entity from another dimension.It is pure wickedness and evil.Master's career of evil has gone unchecked for half a century and he is very careful not to subject himself to any external independent scrutiny but rather favours surrounding himself with hapless saps,psychotics who will swallow his pearls of wisdom uncritically.Fortunately he only has a small audience and very little influence but it is a sad testimony to Americans that even a small number of people could fall for this obvious charlatan and fake.


The Patriot said...

I think the reason Roy has been 'unchecked' as you put it is because what he says is RIGHT!

That's why no one can argue with him.

Linda Method said...

If anyone tries to challenge him on his radio show, all he has to do is hit the mute button to silence them. There ya go, end of argument. That's what he did with me when I called up his show a couple of years ago....he muffled me and just kept on babbling, not answering the question I asked, then the call cut off and he got rid of me before I could embarrass him any more. Fortunately I recorded the entire conversation on my iPhone and uploaded it to YouTube so people could see that Masters is only brave when his hand is on a mute button.

Seriously, Masters is a coward and fink.

niconoclast said...

Thanks for your numerous contributions here and glad that more people now have an opportunity thanks to the internet to expose this wizened of Oz who for decades dominated the airwaves with his bullying presence and as you say his mute button.

Linda Method said...

You're most welcome! :)

The Patriot said...

What is this..some kind of support group for those with a grievance with Roy lol?

Alright he might not be absolutely perfect but no one has said it like it is in the way he has. Really, how can anyone argue with his basic principles about the war between the sexes, resentment, living in the mind, politics etc. He really does have it.

I think the reason he cut you off Linda was because it was a radio show and he couldn't have the listener - anyone - moving him off of his point and he does this with anyone, man or woman. All talk show hosts are the same and it's nothing personal. His show. The trouble is he has a very quick brain and knows ahead of time not what people are thinking (although it looks that way) but where a particular line of thought logically leads.

I've gotten to understand him over the years and see what he's trying to do and I'm starting to be like him in my dealings with others' problems. It's purely because I can see things they can't because of the meditation.

I'm reading the extra-Biblical and eye-opening Book of Jasher (nevertheless mentioned therein). It asserts that the patriarch Noah and his immediate sons were still alive when Abraham and his immediate sons were - hundreds of years after the Great Flood. The latter used to travel vast distances to stay with Noah to 'learn the ways of the Lord' but other than that we learn nothing else of them. That region, re-peopled after the Flood, was in a state of turmoil almost immediately after Noah's sons spread out and started fighting, as in the days before. Few were bothered about their father Noah and his message and I see a parallel with Roy. Few want to know because the message is not what they want to hear - especially now that he's getting even sharper in his insights and assessments.

The whole world is in a complete and total mess and there are few doing what he is doing. Please both of you, don't try and snuff out the last chink of Light we have.

The Patriot said...

Lovely pic by the way Linda :)

Linda Method said...

Lovely pic? What is this...some kind of social networking site? If I look nice, it is because I am a strong, healthy, happily married woman.

By the way, Mr. Patriot, if Masters' 'quick brain' really knew ahead of time what I am thinking, he would have answered my friggin question. He didn't even understand what I was getting at. If he had in fact showed some wisdom and true understanding, the kind he always brags about, I would have shut my big yap and listened to him. I truly wanted an answer, but instead I got the bum's rush. Sure, it's his show -- but for frick's sake don't assert that you're so full of insight when you can't answer an honest inquiry from someone who came to you for an answer. No wonder Masters has to beg for money like a Walmart panhandler. He's been on the air for how many decades? When exactly is his B.S. going to really catch on? In one word: Never.

Dude who gives one crap about any extra-Biblical ramblings that cited from an unknown origin and unverifiable source.

And if you think Roy is the last chink of Light in the world, you've got a serious problem. Holy hell.

The Patriot said...

Well I didn't know you were a happily married woman when I complemented you on your photo. If you don't like complements like that then you should either wear a veil or choose another profile pic.

I think Roy has picked up on something argumentative and unreasonable in you Linda. And it's pandemic in women.

No he doesn't know your thoughts but he DOES see where specific thought lines carry. Yes I know he can be a bit awkward to talk to but that's only because he knows what the answer is anyway. No he's not perfect by a long shot. He's an ordinary guy in many respects and I separate that from the principles he's talking about - principles that are self-evident once we sit quietly and come out of our thought streams through meditation.

Even if you don't like the man, please, for your own sake don't trash the good things he says because his delivery might be a bit off sometimes. This goes for you as well nicoloclast.

Linda Method said...

Compliments are fine, I'd rather not rebuke people for saying something nice to me.

"Roy has picked up on something argumentative and unreasonable in you Linda." Why are you concerned with what Roy has 'picked up.' Don't you have your own insight? Do you need your Roy-Man to 'pick up' on things for you? See, that's a typical Roy-Head trait -- they tend to rely on Roy for insight and not themselves. Gad, you guys are so predictable.

If Roy knows what the answer is but he won't say it, what good does it do to ask him a question? You said it's 'awkward' to talk to him because 'he knows what the answer is anyway'.....what rubbish. I didn't find it awkward to talk to him at all, but I gathered that he felt awkward talking to ME...which is why he pushed the mute button instead of answering my question, which, you said he already knows the answer. Why didn't he give me an answer then?

Patriot, this is not personal. It's not that I "don't like the man." I don't even know "the man". I just think his kooky backward ideas hurt people, and all I'm doing is speaking my mind. I don't trash the good things he says, and it's not because of the 'delivery.' Trying to find good in what Roy says is like digging through a pile of excrement to find a tiny pearl you think you swallowed. It stinks. And that's just my opinion. Calm down and get over it.

The Patriot said...

The only reason I said he had picked up on something was because he's good at that sort of thing. I'm not thinking with him in my mind. Hell I want to see it for myself!

You seem to be on a some kind of quest to trash Roy - despite all the spot on things he says. I don't feel he's hurting people at all. Quite the contrary, he's shocking the thing in people's minds that make excuses and chatters away with music and the like all blasted day. No one has said anything like he has about it. This can only help people. If they are upset it is because their egos have been bruised because they are too identified with their thoughts and actually think they *are* their thoughts.

However I will not say the same about *some* of his audience, who I've heard can be hams when they try to be like him, and that is of course inexcusable. But that aside, the actual *message* resonates with common sense.

I'd like to hear your call-in with him Linda. Could you pop it up on yoo tube with the rest of your videos?

Linda Method said...

Patriot, my Advice Line call is here:

What I did was record the call on my iPhone so I could have a visual along with the original audio of the call to upload to YouTube. You should really check out the Advice Line podcast #K7854 on 7-16-2014 as well, you'll notice right away how the call was edited/muted, preventing his listeners from hearing the entire call.

I truly don't think Masters really had a clue what I was asking. I wasn't asking him for advice, I was asking him to qualify why using a form of "self-hypnosis" if you will, is a dangerous thing. I've never heard him actually address this and I simply wanted a direct answer. Near the point that he dropped the call, I tried to re-direct him back to the question I was asking, and he just talked right over me. What I didn't know at the time was I was on mute, and nobody could even hear me. All Masters really cared about was getting rid of me, not answering my question. Too bad. It could have been a fascinating conversation. I've come to the conclusion that Masters talks a big talk but can't really back up anything he says with substance. He's a spin doctor.

This is my response to the call being altered:

There's some pretty ugly commentary on that one ^^^ One of my commentors later deleted his comment.

Linda Method said...

Eeeeverybody who thinks Roy is just so wonderful comes up with the same assessment of me. I want to 'trash' Roy, I'm on a 'campaign' or a 'mission' to destroy Roy, I am 'slandering Roy'. Or the classic, I hate Roy and I hate the truth and I'm full of demons and there's horns growing out of my head. At least you haven't accused me of being possessed.

You don't think Roy is hurting anyone because you haven't seen the damage first-hand. I've met and been in contact with people who's marriages were destroyed, families torn apart, people who nearly lost their minds because of Roy including almost committing suicide because of his influence on their life. I also suffered horrifically because I really believed that what Roy said was true, to the exclusion of what my own heart was telling me. I dropped out of college, lived a hermit-like life, destroyed my relationship with my father, and unhooked from all of my friends - all because of Roy. My own brother went through hell, too, and he's the one who introduced me to the wonderful world of Roy. I don't want anyone else to suffer like I did.

Not everyone who listens to Roy or does his meditation has some disastrous outcome. A lot of people just listen, get some benefit, and move on with their lives. Fine and dandy. I wish everyone would relate to him that way, just from a safe distance. However, it's the deeply seeking, profoundly sincere, and single-mindedly committed to truth people who suffer the most, because they are always willing to sacrifice their comfort and their lifestyle for what they think is the right path. Those are the ones I speak up for, and that's the reason I have my YouTube channel. I do it for the purpose of having an avenue of discussion in which no one is censored, everyone is free to speak their mind, even if only to call me ugly names and tell me how rotten I am for not thinking Roy is the best thing that's ever happened to this world.

All the things Roy tries to teach people to do, I do on my own without the having to follow someone else's technique, which actually is a deeper form of hypnosis. A very dangerous form, in fact. Being objective toward your thoughts is SO SIMPLE!! You simply do not have to follow his meditation exercise to accomplish it. I think Roy makes it much more complicated than it has to be. I think he has some good ideas, I just disagree with the way he thinks it can be accomplished. He is misguided by his own silly stupid ego. And the last thing I will EVER do is follow some man's ego, just because he thinks he's 'the closest thing on earth to Jesus Christ.' Nope!!!!

The Patriot said...

I see what you're trying to say Linda and do agree some can get very mixed up with listening when their intent is not right. That makes someone who either uses a certain portion of truth to hurt, or is so traumatised with what other seekers say, they cannot function anymore. Please don't blame Roy for that. He is not responsible for this if people take it all the wrong way. The basic message is spot on.

My family reacted terribly against it all in me when I became spiritual. My neighbours work colleagues and immediate community hated my new-found brightness, my dad tried to strangle me for seeing him as he was, and my brothers even now don't like where I'm coming from and don't even send me Christmas cards. This is all because they reacted to the truth. Nothing wrong with Roy's message. I managed to salvage the relationship with my dad, but only because I became physically stronger and was a threat to him. It was quite bad with him way back in my childhood, 25% of the time anyway. But even after all these years just standing there and being bright upsets people. It's a case of them hating the truth - nothing is said about Roy's meditation.

I watched your video the other day of you calling Roy, and must say he has a point about healing. You can't heal yourself and it's possible you've suppressed your old acne. True, only God can cure, but this is through our minds and we have to be receptive / eat the right foods etc. Don't think it right you called him a schmuck. It used to look like he was *very* irritable with callers but I think he just speaks his mind with force. He's not reacting and getting all irritable. Have you ever seen or heard him angry like the rest of us? I mean *upset* angry? I've come to realise it's not in fact normal to get irritable. Irritable is bad and you can feel the damage it does in your body and primarily in your head. One *is* in fact giving energy to the stressor and this to me is a concrete truth.

Even if Roy isn't perfect, aren't there more worthy causes to fight for? Who else is speaking out against society's evils? Why have a go at him when you could hit the government for, say, forcing immorality on us?

Linda Method said...

No, Patriot. It's not the intention of people who do the meditation that gets them into trouble. It's the really sincere ones I've seen suffer the most. The ones with insincere motives just stop listening to him and move on with no ill effects. It's not the intent of the listener, it's the intent of the speaker that causes the bad effects.

So what did you say to your dad that made him want to choke you down? Apparently intimidating your father was the way you 'made up' with him. Nice. Very nice. A common side-effect of following Roy is becoming an egocentric jerk who offends people on purpose so you can feel superior to them when they don't want anything more to do with you. It's not because you're 'bright', it's because you're becoming caught up in a false image of yourself, a Roy-induced image that magnifies your male ego. I've seen this a million times in men who graduate from Roy's school of manhood, and it's the fundamental reason Roy's Boys end up alone. No woman wants a man whose ego eclipses the size of his bollocks. Mark my words on that.

Nice excuse you made for Roy's overreaction. Typical. I thought you said you weren't a Roy-Head? And my calling him a 'schmuck' wasn't to his face, I did it after he hung up on me. I've never criticized Roy for not being 'perfect.' I've only criticized him for being a dishonest fink and a silly deluded cult leader who's really a coward behind a mic.

Here's another video response to my Roy call, ....particularly regarding Roy's claim that I tried to "heal myself without God." In this video, I address the issue from a Biblical Christian standpoint, and that's on purpose because his followers are often fundamentalist Christians.

Have a Roy-a-licious day.

The Patriot said...

Haha you're funny Linda :D

But I like your straight talking. I'd sooner discuss with you than most of the roybots and that's a fact. But only some are roybots; there's plenty of switched on meditators Linda.

No you didn't call him a smuck to his face but you did in front of all the viewers; so similar thing really.

My dad tried to choke me because I told him what was wrong with his bullying attitude to all of us at the time. Only when he saw strength in me in later years did he know he wasn't to behave like that with us. Nice feeling to have that power after growing up being hit for no bloody reason other than making his ego feel uncomfortable around my brightness.

But we became friends towards the end many years later and I knew he was sorry about it. He got to know it wasn't really him and I wish him the best in the afterlife. I would like to know if there's anything we can do for our departed ones. I feel him a lot of the time and it's as if he's talking to me. We must honour our parents it's true.

Yeah I know what you mean about roybots causing arguments and offending people and I'm not like that. It's cruel to start conflicts like this and if they do, it's not a true representation of what Roy would say. He's only direct because callers *specifically* want, or say they want, an answer to something. If they mess around he has a right to burst their bubble. You don't do that to strangers or even friends and family unless there's a good reason. It's tact isn't it, and most roybots are not tactful.

I really do think you have trashed his message. Nothing wrong with standing up to people and telling them how it is, in the right context and at the right time. But when I do it, I want to do it MY way, and not with anyone's voice in my head.