Friday, November 20, 2015

War Against Aetheism

There has been a push back against the atheist movement  recently and it takes an unsurprisingly low and dishonest form.The main offender in this area is Peter Hitchens.Refusing to honestly debate the issue at hand for the reasons I give below he invariably resorts to abusing his atheist opponents,ascribing base motives to them and accusing them of being full of rage.Well if one is confronted by a system of belief that has for thousands of years held people in thrall,made their lives miserable and full of fear,tormented them with visions of hell, destroying the lives of countless generations would rage not be an appropriate response?

Rather than address the issues Peter Hitchens prefers to abuse atheists accusing them of wanting to unleash sex drugs and rockn roll on the younger generation and producing a violent anarchic society driven by whim worshipping subjectivistic hedonists.They are, furthermore, adults acting out adolescent rebellion for atheism is nothing more than youthful rebellion against authority.Thus is mindless reductionism substituted for honest debate.

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