Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Phoney Wars

Of course anything that helps to destroy the Labour party is a good thing but on the issue of war and free votes Corbyn must be right in arguing for cabinet responsibility and unity and having a whipped decision for on such a major issue of principle whether to engage in war or not the public have a right to know where a party stands on such things before they vote for it and to leave it to individual choice of party members is an abdication of responsibility, a cop out and moral funk.

If there is no party line on issues of principles a political party has no reason for its existence.The opposition to war in this case is largely opportunistic rather than principle and all those in Labour who are in favour of military intervention should leave the party and not be a part of it  when their leader is opposed to war but their desire to hold office has trumped any position of principle.They wish to have their cake and eat it too.

Meanwhile as I have said before re war we have lost the ability to win wars so we should not be involved in any more doomed ventures until we re learn the moral philosophical ideological principles that should govern our actions in such matters.

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