Friday, November 20, 2015

Religious Watch

A common practice among  religious pundits is to always start in the middle and skate over first principles.It works like this.Never prove the existence of God but start every conversation as if the latter is already an established fact.This was never better exemplified by the Jehovas Witness who knocked on my door one day and used as his opening gambit the following question:  'what do you think Jesus would make of the state of the world today'? Whoa, hold on one cotton picking moment -you haven't even prove to me the existence of this Christ of yours -how dishonest is that?!

Of course dishonesty and sleight of hand is the sine qua non of the religious,their bizarre beliefs will bear no close scrutiny.With a combination of bluster,intimidation,bullying and complete disregard for logic and reason they will go on the defensive if confronted and soon begin imputing base motives to the unbeliever.In the absence of any proof for their ridiculous beliefs what else can they do?

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The Patriot said...

It's relatively straight-forward to prove the existence of God. The problem is the response of the resisting listener!