Friday, November 27, 2015

Burblings from the Beyond - Masterswatch

Watching David Masters son of Roy telling his very small audience of hillbillies at the ranch that eternity begins before we are born  I was asking myself why I ever gave this unconscionable Masters tosh a moments consideration.He went on to say that when humans are born they cling to this earth like a baby monkey clings to its mother's back and draw from it parasitically -but not in a bad way he added emolliently - as if there was a parasitism that was not bad.After he uttered this great statement he looked at his audience and said disturbing eh? There it was, the eureka moment.

Attacking human beings at the very core of their integrity,undercutting their autonomy and efficacy and ability to know and comprehend the universe and act within it, obeying its inexorable metaphysical laws to grow succeed flourish and prosper - all these things are attacked and assaulted by such mystical babblings and unfounded insupportable assertions exampled above by David Masters and that assault is clearly deliberate and intentional which makes it unconscionably wicked and evil.Looking at his audience and saying disturbing eh it is clear the intention is to unseat mankind,sow doubt as to his ability to live on this earth,alienate him from his self esteem and turn him into a miserable worm of self doubt,loathing and failure.To make a living doing that is the parasitism of all parasitisms,a career of unconscionable evil.

And pause finally to consider the pure hatred of mankind and this earth that Masters evidences in his comments about man clinging to this earth like a monkey to the back of its mother.To see earth as his only home,to work and draw sustenance from its raw materials,to fashion an existence for himself by the fruits of his labour -all these things are evil.What man should do instead is sit in a cave,look within and listen to the divine burblings from the beyond,to stagnate vegetate and worship a supernatural entity from another dimension and only so doing will he contemplate his nothingness and contemptibleness -and whilst he is doing that he can support the foundation of human understanding with his tax deductible contributions.Does it not want to make you vomit gentle reader?


The Patriot said...

Yeah, but what if the degenerate caveman doing pornographic paintings in the depths of his filthy cave needs to sit quietly and dwell on the Light that tells him he is not a beast but almost a fallen angel?

What if our ravenous lusts to convert this beautiful world into a filthy music-saturated garbage heap by big business - endless legions of driven people with the burning desire to succeed and with disgusting appitites to boot, whip their mongs into work work work - what if there is something wrong with that? What if the only way out of this mire is precisely to sit and be quiet and experience that lovely warm and gentle Light.....

Linda Method said...

Masters' entire program is built upon making people doubt themselves. Make a man doubt that he is a real man if he doesn't conquer a woman by clubbing her over the head with his god-given male authority and dragging her into his dark cave of submission to him. Make a woman doubt she is a real woman if she has multiple orgasms...because real women are not supposed to want sex after all. Make the child doubt he is a 'child of the light' if he is an intellectual and does well in school...because real children of god can't learn in school. Make a father doubt that he's a good father if his wife is the one with the job and he's the one at home with the kids.

Roy Masters, and David too for that matter, has built his entire empire upon dismantling people's sense of who they are and cutting them down to be rebuilt into little Royplicas who sit in the audience of his little Sunday Conversations and gaze devotedly at his tottering old bobble-head. Occasionally when there's a Hypnosis of Life Seminar, if Masters is fortunate somebody will writhe and shriek and have a conniption fit as they succumb to Roy's cross-waving therapy. Disgraceful. Roy has built his program upon the minds and the money of the vanquished souls who are too weak to question him.

The good news is people are on to Roy and he'll never become the household name he tried so hard to be. Instead he'll be nothing more than a passage in a book about obscure cult leaders of the past.

The Patriot said...

I think the problem you have Linda is seeing Roy 'through a glass darkly', as it were.

What's happened with paternalism is it's been taken over by the Left and turned into a monster. That caveman of yours is not a man - it's a b*tch that's taken over a man, making it into a male animal. That's what cavemen were most of them - degenerates who either lived before or after Noah's Flood that lived like degenerate tribes-people today, like Borneo cannibals.

Yes women can have multiple orgasms, but too many are not good for them. They aren't too healthy for men either! Masculinity isn't the harsh ogre you seem to think it is. Roy only looks that way to our dark sides because we have been brainwashed by our primarily leftist education to believe man and women are the same. I'm just discovering that we are in fact quite distinct.

What is the problem with a woman staying at home with the children? Women look lovely when they are feminine and do feminine things. Those who go out and bread-win like the men are the ugly driven masculine ones who get cancer!

Linda Method said...

Ha!! "Those who go out and bread-win like the men are the ugly driven masculine ones who get cancer!" Thank you for that, as well as your 'lovely pic''d you like to venture a guess as to who is the main breadwinner in our family. Yours, truly. My husband supports us too, just not as much as I do in a financial way. I don't denigrate him for that, and he doesn't bow down to me for it either.....nor would I dream of making him do that. What kind of neanderthalistic nimrod are you, Patriot? Speaking of which, I'm married to a real man. Very centered and strong in himself, he has no need to complete himself through me. I respect him, and guess what...he respects me too. Like I said, I'm very happy.

Furthermore, you read me wrong. I don't consider masculinity a 'harsh ogre'. Where'd you get that ridiculous outlook? I think masculinity is wonderful, it's part of being a human. One of my videos, "Roy Masters Emasculates Men" should check it out. He tries to force men to deny sexuality, as if that was the entire downfall of man. Sexuality is nothing more than individuality, another aspect of diversity that Roy hates with a vengeance. Too many orgasms is unhealthy? Sexuality is our 'dark side' ?? Good grief, nobody asserts that men and women are the same. Holy friggin hell, your ignorance is staggering.

Listen, Mr. Patriarchal Ninny: if my husband made a buttload of money, more than enough for all fo us, perhaps I'd be home not working - but that would be my choice to make not any stupid cult leaders'. It doesn't make me any less 'feminine' that I bring in more money, it doesn't make him less of a man that he makes less. I do my part just as he does to make our home a wonderful place, which by the way only 2 out of our 4 children remain at home, so there's less need for me to be here. Sometimes it takes two working. Where have you been anyway.

I think I'm going to hurl, your idiocy is making me ill.

niconoclast said...

Methinks Patriot is a scoundrel lol and it is clear I can leave you to give him a good drubbing! Religion truly does give people licence to be militantly and proudly irrational lol.

The Patriot said...

You'll have to prove I'm a scoundrel niconoclast; you can't just come out and say it.

I'm not saying women should be 'Stepford Wives' Linda and I don't think Roy is either. But he does have a deep insight into how and why they are generally more emotional. Men have learned to be bigger b**ches than their women - like in the Muslim world.

Ideally a woman shouldn't be working if she's got kids to bring up. I don't know if you have any but a woman's place IS in the home if there's kids around; the father then goes out and wins the bread.

I'm sorry but though I used to be of the opinion that men and women were 'equal', I've come to conclusion we are distinct, and that women use men to get the things they want - thereby playing them off against each other. It's like a general or is men. Who is the greater? Neither because one needs the other. But the general has to be in charge and it's as simple as that. You can't really have a family with the woman in charge.

Linda Method said...

My youngest 'kid' is aged 18. I don't think he needs me at home to wipe his little nose any longer, Patriot. I respect him as a man and I don't 'mommy' him. He has leadership qualities and I'm proud of who he is.

So you used to believe that men and women were 'equal' but you've rejected that idea in favor of a Roy-induced viewpoint of male superiority. How's that working out for you? Have you found a nice meek little woman to dominate? Lotsa luck with that, bruh.

I also believe that men and women are distinctly different, but still equal. The moment you 'rank' them, you set up enmity between them. Ranking human beings always puts one in a subservient position to the other, and it's always the woman serving the man...which always ends up being a big fat ego trip for him. Only an unevolved ape would think that's any way to have a true relationship. What a good little Roy-Boy you are, Patriot, you fit nicely and neatly into Masters' backward neanderthalistic worldview, and you parrot him very well! You must be so proud. I don't think a woman should dominate a man either -- that's just as problematic and horrible. Good grief. Have you learned nothing from living on this earth?

You know, Patriot, I acknowledge that some Christian couples model their relationship after the dictates of the Bible, such as you're describing with the man 'in charge' and the woman in the traditional role that conforms to a patriarchal society. If they're both happy living that way, then I would never want to disturb the harmony they have together. However, that kind of arrangement should never be mandated upon people like your cult leader states. Just like the Ayatollah Khomeini, he allows for no opinion that dissents from his own. His word is straight from the mouth of God and you'd better heed it or you'll suffer condemnation and hellfire. No wonder your Roy-Man has lost so many followers. He's living in the 5th Century with the rest of the other nincompoops who believe in sharia law.

Well, there is one positive that I get from this exchange with you. It just reminds me of what a wonderful marriage I have. No power struggles, no male ego tripping -- just love, respect, and trust. I don't tell him what to do, he doesn't tell me what to do. We treat each other like adults and we communicate. If we disagree, we communicate. If one of us thinks the other is wrong, we communicate. We listen to each other, Patriot. How can you argue with that logic.

The Patriot said...

Well on the face of it Linda I can't argue with that because I too believe in communication.

No I don't think women should be submissive and quiet because they'll just end up like muslim women, all repressed and crafty when they get angry and aren't able to express it openly.

Your 18 year old isn't a man. He is a *young* man who needs a strong father to direct him because all males have that weakness for a woman that only a man connected to god can deal with. Forgive me, but I don't think a woman can help in that area. They just haven't got it in them. Women are all about emotions and feeling mostly. I haven't by a long shot figured them all out yet but they seem to want to upset a man - especially if he's doing alright. They just don't seem as sincere, even if they can in many respects be better than men in all areas, right across the board.

But believe me, I am nowhere near a Roybot. I've criticized him openly a few times and only sound like him because I think like he does, that's all :)

Linda Method said...

My son has the benefit of a strong father figure AND a decent mother. His biological father is dead - long ugly story, that. His step-father, my husband, has been a good influence on him for the last 6 1/2 years which is how long we've been married. He's withstood the "you're not my dad, I don't have to listen to you" stage that children go through when their moms marry someone, and he's earned the respect of all 4 of my kids. I've counseled my son on some of those occasions when he's flipping an attitude toward his step-dad, I've advised him that he doesn't know it now, but there will come a day he realizes that he's a better man because of the influence and love from his step-dad. I think he knows it already. When he's with a group of friends, he doesn't follow them - they follow him. I never worry about stupid peer pressure, because that has no effect on him. I can't brag enough about my young man.

I think you need to rid yourself of your ridiculous suspicion of women. You really don't have to have them all figured out before you can have a good rapport with one of them -- you just need to know YOURSELF first. Stop thinking every woman just wants to upset you and topple you off your man-horse. Quit that! That's just ingrained programming from a nitwit who is stuck in his own silly rut. Don't be like him, Patriot!! He truly doesn't know it all, and he certainly doesn't know it all about women. I think Roy misleads men and f***s them up from being able to relate to woman properly. I think he makes men kind of afraid of women, i.e....he emasculates them, as I've said before. Roy does men a terrible disservice by attributing them with almost god-like power to destroy men -- Ridiculous!!! He refers to women as "a metaphysical force" -- Ridiculous!! A woman is only a flip-side of a man. Not hard to understand at all, if you just listen to them with love.

Good you're not a Roy-bot. Maybe there's hope for you after all not to get screwed over by Roy. Please please take it from a woman who doesn't like to see that emasculating effect Roy has on men -- please discard pretty much EVERY FRIGGIN THING you've ever heard Roy say about women. He is wrong. I'd advise you to find out for yourself what a woman is all about, do it with an open heart and a strong mind, you'll be fine. She doesn't have the power to destroy you. Only YOU have that power.