Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Canute's Law

Are people really still complaining about automation lol? Peter Hitchens has done so recently and someone on RT was doing it today and in both cases the usual suspect Capitalism was in the dock - the whipping boy for the sins of Statism.Today it was argued that automation in transportation will put millions of men out of work as so many do delivery jobs and the automatically driven vehicles will spell their doom including taxis etc.

What did such men do before the birth of the automobile? It created all those jobs just as the next innovation will create jobs. The alternative for the Canutists would be man living in caves because every innovation threatens somone's job so lets just have the divine right of stagnation instead.

And what is the primary cause of automation anyway? Labour laws, unions unreasonable demands, the minimum wage,the Living Wage, regulation,taxation,restrictive practices ad nauseam Look across the channel to see how that is working out.

Innovation or Luddism, its that simple.

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