Monday, May 30, 2016

Who Loves EU?

We are told that the older generation are more pro Brexit than the young and that the working class are more likely to be anti EU than those who have been to university and we are suppose to infer from this that the bright and intelligent can see how good the EU is whilst the dull and uneducated are against the EU. But there could be another explanation. It is a little known fact that many British universities receive funding from Brussels and it is responsible for so called European Studies which is little more than thinly veiled EU propaganda disguised as objective academic study.

So insidious has the EU become that it is getting harder to find any institution that has not in some way been co opted and captured economically and politically  by Brussels. So the next time you hear a spokesman from an institution warning us of the perils of leaving the EU behemoth question its independent status and follow the money.

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