Monday, May 30, 2016

Age of Unreason

As a footnote to my last post it is worth pointing out that when reason is rejected people cast around for explanations  for current events and strange people emerge to satisfy the void left by reason. Conspiracy theories flourish,the likes of David Icke fill football stadiums with credulous followers ready to swallow whole his latest bizarre constructed castles in the air populated by shape shifting reptiles and denizens of Bilderberg.

There is no theory too strange or removed from reality that the people will not embrace so desperate are they for guidance and solutions and balms for their mental perplexity. Cynical manipulators emerge exploiting the credulous herd who have been abandoned and betrayed by the intellectuals and left to the tender mercy of the hobgoblins of little minds be they Icke or Russel Brand.

Religion of course has set people up for this credulous state, predisposed are they to accept tall stories from the beyond.

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