Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Rage against Atheism

Peter Hitchens makes quite a habit of abusing atheists mainly one suspects because he received such a humiliating drubbing from his brother Christopher in a debate about God years ago. In an extraordinary concession he openly acknowledges that he cannot prove God's existence but in a debate if one side admits that it cannot prove its case does not that automatically signal the end of the debate and  defeat for  the one so conceding? Yet on he goes resorting as he only can to ad hominem attacks against atheists whilst ignoring their arguments which he cannot refute by his own admission.

Religious believers are very thin skinned and cannot brook the slightest criticism. In the case of muslims they resort to violence and be headings. In Hitchen's case he has a fit of the vapors and is prissily indignant that anyone should dare to take on those of faith. You would think the last centuries of religious persecution,torture,imprisonment persecution wars had never happened. Now the religious are the victims - of satire,ridicule,contempt! And they just cannot handle it and are whining like infants.

Then there are the smears. According to Hitchens atheists are only so because it gives them licence to be hedonists,extolling sex drugs and rock n roll.This is much more like a confession on Hitchen's part. Without belief in a supernatural entity from another dimension he would be a hedonist without self control or moral compass.

He claims that an afterlife secures justice for people but man unaided by superstition and governed by reason can perfectly secure justice here on earth with objective law and the claim is absurd on its face.

What are we really dealing with here? Pure emotionalism. As someone observed most religious belief is neurotically determined. Religious people only have their emotions to govern them. Reason has been abandoned, what else is left?.Let us leave the last words  to Hitchens himself. 'You cannot prove God's existence.It requires faith and that is a choice.'

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