Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Master Race

Roy Masters small time charlatan is obsessed with the Jewish race to the point of being a racial supremacist. In a recent video he castigates George Soros for being a self loathing jew and to all those who question my fairness or otherwise towards this absurd character in said video he actually challenges Soros to a cage fight! Go check it out. To see someone mentally disintegrating  has a certain compelling fascination to it but someone should really take the poor man aside and suggest that he calls it a day.

The equally dubious purveyor of the higher nonsense Krishnamurti told his inner circle to stop him when he went gaga and Masters should have done the same. Too late now I guess.

Demonstrating that he has a tenuous grasp of capitalism as he does of everything else  he accuses Soros of becoming rich by stealing from the British when he shorted the pound during the ERM crisis when in fact he was performing a useful corrective function of price discovery and precipitated the UK exit from the disastrous ERM. Soros s real crime is being a hypocrite in benefiting from capitalism whilst advocating socialism for everybody else.

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