Thursday, May 26, 2016

Master of the Non Objective

Like everything else that issues from the lips of the arch charlatan Roy Masters his claim that he teaches an eecercise in objectivity is patently bogus. There is nothing remotely objective about his teachings which are pure unadulterated mysticism delivered in turgid doggerel. As I have had cause to mention in previous posts on this topic just being aware of your thoughts without analysing them or differntiating between them in any way is the very antithesis of objectivity and it is the level of cognition of a mental retard.This is exactly the state of mind he seeks to engender in his hapless ignorant followers as it suits his purposes which is of course to gain total ascendancy over their minds

Thinking,sorting one's thoughts,analysing learning the art of concept formation and arranging thoughts in a hierachy is what separates humans from animals and it is a unique capacity that has resulted in all the wonders of technologial civilisation.. Just observing one's thoughts is to reduce oneself to abject cretinism and it is no accident that this condition is typical of Roy Master's followers. I had the misfortune to spend a week at Roy Master's seminar in France in the late eighties and a learned Dutch memeber of the audience told me that he had been to countless religious philosophical seminars and he had never experienced such levels of cretinism and ignorance and stupidity amongst any audience as he did at the Roy Master seminar.

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