Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Master of Misogyny

Arch woman hater and religious nut job Roy Masters once said a very revealing thing on his radio programme that may very well explain his life-long pathological misogyny to which  anyone who has had the misfortune of listening to his horrendous radio programme would testify. He said that when he was a youth and being fairly handsome he could not understand why when he went into a restaurant or bar he was invisible to women who gravitated to the less wholesome type of man. Right  here we see  the roots of his venomous hatred of women,the sleight and abject humiliation he felt all those years ago of being ignored by the fair sex.

This festering hatred was nurtured for many a year before he eventually secured a radio programme where he could finally vent his bile and spleen against womankind.He would fashion an organization around his malicious misogyny and use religious texts to back up his perverted hate filled philosophy. Of course in this he was well served for where else but in the Bible itself is such molten contempt of women memorialised in the vile story of Adam and Eve?

(As a footnote no one ever told the beligerent chippy youth Masters that he was as ugly as sin and had the kind of face that only a mother could love. Of course as the late great Frank Cain once observed the deluded do not know they are deluded because they are deluded.)

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