Monday, May 30, 2016

The Emotional States of America

What accounts for the emergence of populist political parties across the political spectrum - although to be accurate both Trump and Sanders and indeed Corbyn over here are collectivist statists of one stripe or another? It is the almost complete abandonment of reason and its replacement with emotionalism that is the cause. Pure unfocused rage seems to govern the populace and it attributable to the collapse of the intellectuals into unreason indeed into a total rejection of reason as man's tool of knowledge and its replacement with feelings and emotions.

Reality we have been told by intellectuals for generations is unknowable,objectivity impossible to achieve and we are left with intellectual constructs and arbitrary random theories entirely removed from concrete reality.

 Universities have gone from being places of intellectual enquiry to nurseries designed to protect the delicate  sensitive souls of students from being exposed to contrary views that challenge their preconceptions and possibly upset them. So no- platform policies have been intrduced to prevent controversial speakers from entering the universities and triggering emotional responses in the students.

It is in this prevailing atmosphere of intolerance to challenging different ideas,mistrust of reason, rejection of a knowable objective reality that the emerging populists are cashing in on, rising up and threatening to take leadership over the country in the form of Trump and Sanders whose electorate appears to be interchangeable. Notice how Trump talks in soundbites, vague generalities,rambles incoherently from one topic to another,contradicts himself in mid sentence,plays on the emotions of the crowd as all demagogues do, constantly demonises the other, stirs up primal irrational zenophobic fears and encourages protectionist anti American policies andpromises to build a Berlin Wall on Mexican borders.

Americans have gone over to the dark side where emotions rule and they are desperately seeking a furher who will look after them like the regressed infantilised cry baby emoters  they have sadly become.

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