Monday, December 28, 2015


The Roy Masters line on human behaviour is: its not your fault! Sin has made a home in you.So if someone rapes one of his grand daughters would he take that line,when the assailant gave his defence as I could not help myself gov would Masters  shrug and say ok then, off you go?It is the ultimate get out of jail free card, a complete abdication of personal responsibility, a denial of self rule and autonomy.He then goes on to say all man made objects are really made by God -You did not build that! It all sounds like the kind of thing a certain president has been saying does it not?

He quotes St Paul approvingly when he whined: 'the things I want to do I do not, and the things I do not want to do I do'. Bollocks!We can control our actions,we can over ride bad impulses,we can observe and analyse our thoughts and choose whether to act upon them or not in accordance with our value system which it is our responsibility to formulate with scrupulous attention to any posible contradictions irrationality,inconsistencies evasions,wishful thinking etc.To deny this and say we are creatures devoid of the powers of volition is to reduce us to helpless hapless vessels of unseen powers driving our actions,buffeted by every vicissitude of life with no free will,victims of an arbitrary malevolent universe, an acted through vassal of circumstance, governed by dark supernatural powers.This is the worst sort of rationalization overglossed with mystical apologetics, in short a justification for moral depravity.

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The Patriot said...

What Roy is trying to say is we are all possessed ie. 'owned' by the devil. We are helpless to the degree that we believe in doing the 'serpent's' will - and it's this we think of as our own! I'm only just starting to see the subtle dynamic here and the difference between my thoughts and it's.

We can perhaps override an urge to do something really bad but this is only when we are objective enough to see it as bad and have spent our lives acting on an instinctive urge to maintain objectivity. Most of us can't and end up justifying what we do in an endless chatter in our minds. Roy's right on the money and it's because I and so many others see this for ourselves - regardless of what he says.

No he's not giving carte blanche to people to do what they like. What would be the point in having a radio program to tell us to be objective a HA ha!