Sunday, December 13, 2015

Religious Psychosis

Are you hallucinating,seeing visions,hearing voices, believe you are in contact with a supernatural entity from another dimension, believe tales of magic,miracles,people coming back from the dead etc etc? You are probably suffering from mental illness commonly known as faith.Get help instead of seeking to silence those who tell you you are ill and mentally deranged.Herein endeth the lesson for the day.


The Patriot said...

Yeah, but where do those thoughts come from..?
If we could control our thoughts we would be able to think what we like but we can't - and hallucinations and voices are testimony to this.

So, from whence do they originate? Why does some headcase act out a desire to stab someone and complain after that voices told him to do it.......?

Surely this is proof of intelligent evil entities.

Linda Method said...

In the not so distant past, it was thought that anyone having a seizure was possessed by 'the Devil'....and the result was cruel and unusual treatments that caused suffering and pain to the afflicted. It doesn't seem a step in the right direction to take humans back to medieval days when superstition ruled and women were burned as witches if they had a vivid imagination.

Can we control our thoughts? Of course. Think about it: if you couldn't control your thoughts Mr. Patriot, you wouldn't even be able to communicate whatsoever. How could you even talk? How could you figure out how to put on your pants?? You are wearing pants aren't you? ((don't answer that)) One of the stupidest dumbest dumbest dumb things Roy has ever said was the assertion that we cannot control our own thoughts...nor can we originate our own thoughts -- they are transmitted to us from outside sources and we are only to observe them, never trust them, and destroy them through his meditation. He seeks to make thoughtless drones out of his followers. Good luck with that, Mr. Patriot. Have a Roy-a-licious day.