Wednesday, December 16, 2015


When you believe in bizarre supernatural entities it it enables you to come out with absurdities such as the following from David idiot son of Roy Masters, to paraphrase: most of our thoughts come from outside our brains. What is this crazed need to subvert and devalue the human mind that all religious people exhibit whilst using that very organ to do it?As I have said before the human mind unfettered by superstition is the greatest threat to religious hucksters and it must be trashed and reduced to an ineffectual unreliable human appendage.The the victim is then ripe for all sorts of mystical mush fed to him by the gurus of the irrational.

But pause to contemplate the arrogance,the disregard for reason and reality that this excercise involves.It is all predicated on the unchallenged unqualified assertion that God exists,the bible is true and none of this needs to be proven but just asserted with an air of authority as if one were stating something so obvious that no explanation is necessary or required and indeed if anyone dare question the sartorial credentials of the naked emperor he will undoubtedly be met with lofty derision and ad hominem rebuff and dismissed as an intellectual full of rage.The best thing to do with con artists is laugh at them but alas the damage they do  is no laughing matter. 

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The Patriot said...

I think most of our thoughts probably do originate from outside of our brains - especially when we are asleep. Make a note of some of your dreams and the bizarre things that go on - entities masquerading as relatives, friends, partners and people you see on TV doing all kinds of weird things you could not possibly make up lol!

This is all well-documented. Demented in fact :D