Saturday, December 26, 2015

Religion's last stand

When religion had the upper hand scientists were persecuted and killed for challenging faith based explanations for human existence.Now religion has been de fanged it seeks to appropriate the findings of science and co opt them for its own nefarious ends.God we are now told is responsible for evolution and one idiot called Roy Masters has even written a book entitled Finding God through Physics which completely negates faith itself for if one can find God through the application of reason via the intellect wither faith?

Sensing the weakness of the argument from faith the religionists seek to bolster their hold on people by claiming faith is supported by science which it patently is not.Once people see though this desperate attempt by the religionists to hold on to the remnants of power and influence they will reject them completely and men will be free from superstition and its corrupting  debilitating power over the human race.

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The Patriot said...

Belief in the Creator comes through logic first. Physics shows it clearly and this book is superbly written. One of my all-time favourites.