Friday, December 04, 2015

No Place Like Om

Eschewing the plodding certitudes of western monotheism many turn to eastern mysticism for exotic uplift and nirvanic promise, employing meditation techniques to reach their goal of self realisation but what is the endgame of such pursuit and the consequences for the human mind?The Be Here Now culture of hippie escapdom is the attainment of a self imposed tyranny of the now.The whole of Western Civilization is based on the accumulation of knowledge and wisdom over the centuries but this is all wiped out if the human mind is focused on an eternal now.No planning,no goals,no achievement,no accomplishment is possible,indeed the very concept of thought itself is eliminated as the sole purpose of meditation is the complete destruction of the conceptual cognitive process itself.The painstaking accumulation of broad abstractions, integration into yet broader abstractions,none of this is possible in the eternal present.

New age mysticism and its mind obliterating meditation is the antithesis of western civilization and the pronouncements from the oracles of this anti mind school of non thought is as cravenly inane as to be expected from such anti rational self lobotimised  mystics.

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