Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Roy Masters urges his radio audience to listen to him and let his words 'go in one ear and out the other'. Why would he do this? He does not like people who listen to the program 'just to find fault'.What better way to guard against this danger by everyone hearing what he says but not retaining any of it- how can they then criticise or appraise anything he says.The state he wishes to induce in his audience is an alzheimic one.Those who suffer from this appalling condition are notoriously vulnerable to conmen who can rob them of their savings. Master is a spiritual conman who will first rob his listeners of their critical faculties by fostering an alzheimic state in them and then implant his suggestions in their minds and thus gain total ascendancy over them. Is this not the very essence and distillation of wickedness gentle readers?


The Patriot said...

This is way out of order niconoclast. Roy has helped countless scores of people overcome their problems.

Calling him a conman is one thing but being able to back it up is quite another. Firstly the basic meditation is free, and second, there is absolutely no pressure to donate at all. I don't see anything wrong with asking for donations because those radio stations cost a fortune!

Show me what is wrong with meditating to be objective!!

I think you need to sit in your chair and meditate to get back to basics. If nothing else, there is nothing wrong at all with watching the light patterns behind your eyelids to get you out of your hypnotic stream of music, commercials, fantasies and whatnot. No one else has spoken of this like Roy does, ever!!

Linda Method said...

This comment is not any more out of order than any of the ridiculous things that Masters says every day on his little radio show. Niconoclast is absolutely right to speak his mind on this subject. Proving Masters is a conman is not difficult -- just ask any of the people who used to follow him and find out why they no longer do. Take an objective look at why Roy never accomplished the fame and fortune that he craved back in the day when he stated he wanted to be remembered like Moses and Jesus and the apostles...instead he'll be remembered like the cult leader he really is. Just another religious extremist who thought he could change the world and will one day be utterly forgotten.

Masters has the right idea that meditating to become objective is a good thing, but his methods are not sound. A simple forensic analysis of his tiny band of followers will reveal how much his meditation produces hypnotic and even psychotic states of mind.