Saturday, October 09, 2010

Know Your Enemy

If you want to know how the Left thinks you have to listen to them however unpleasant the experience is.With their counter intuitive anti intellectual irrational cloned collectivist groupthink and hair brained ratiocinations you can learn all about the enemy and how it thinks or what passes for thinks.

For this purpose the BBC is essential viewing and listening.Here is liberalspeak incarnate.Of course their condescension delusion and malice can be hard to stomach but the effort will be worth it as you get an invaluable insight into the sheer demented madness of the Left.

Try also Press TV the Iranian mouthpeice broadcasting from London with the delusional rabid Muslimophile lickspittle George Galloway,AlJazeera,and RT with the insanely entertaining Max Keiser and his idiosyncratic take on economics.

What has been achieved by Fox in bringing right wing anti government perspective to the news is an invaluable template for a British version especially in the light of the abovementioned channels with their tendentious broadcasting which has gone unchecked and as the coalition has promised a review of broadcastig ownership this could lead to the possibility of a Conservative free market oriented news station in the near future.

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