Saturday, October 30, 2010

In Defence Of Tax Avoidance and Evasion

Is tax evasion the last taboo?To hear even Conservative views on this you would think it was the greatest human evil after paedophillia.In fact it probably carries with it a longer prison sentence than the latter.I think it needs a champion and in the absence of anyone stepping up to the plate I will will offer my own humble services to this unpopular cause.

If we see someone who looks like a mugger in the street coming towards us good sense tells us to cross over or go down another street to evade him.Is this not what the State has become, a mugger, except that in its case it is mugging on an industrial scale,wholesale larceny,a form of organised crime with the whole panoply of the state behind it?True,it has a whole Statist Socialist philosophy to justify its criminality,a lexicon or rationalised euphemisms about,'duty', 'moral responsibility' 'those with the broadest shoulders' ad nauseam. But when all the ratiocinations are stripped away is this not what the criminal does to rationalise his actions? He too picks on on those with the 'broadest shoulders' to plunder in his nightly sorties on the wealthier properties around the country, engaging in his own personal wealth redistribution programme.

It makes about as much sense to accuse the individual who evades the mugger in the street of 'exploiting a loophole' as it does to accuse the wealthy businessman of the same thing who has worked hard to achieve success and does not see why he should allow the fruits of his labour to be plundered by career criminal politicians spouting their pious cant about duty and moral responsibility.

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