Friday, May 18, 2018

See the Booty of the Royal Scam (Take 50)

So it has come upon us yet again, another gaudy display of plundered wealth parading its appropriated lucre in a sickening festivity of self regarding pomp and tawdry meritricious vulgarity. The crowds lining  the streets in forelock tugging fawning sycophancy -empty vassals make most noise - whilst the saner stand back in bemusement tinged with horror and incredulity that this surreal freak show could be taking place at the beginning of the 21st century.

But no it is not a dream and the crime syndicate known as the royal family is strutting its stuff as the global media flocks to the event to relay its mind numbing banality across the world blind it would seem to the blood curdling history of this genocidal outfit that behaved as every bit as barbarically as the taliban do today carrying their royal lineage of blood with seeming pride and unconscionable insouciance.

How do the young royals seek to ingratiate themselves with the brain dead supporters but by becoming the poster boys and girls for political correctness embracing  every modish cause as platforms for their smug virtue signalling self regard.

The only group that is supposedly standing in opposition to this velvet gloved tyranny is a pathetic outfit called Republic whose spokesman on radio 4 yesterday spent the whole interview talking about opinion polls that apparently show the public's lukewarm attitude towards the monarchy as a substitute for pointing out all the reasons why Britain should have dumped the royal family into the dustbin of history at least 500 years ago.No principles,no argument nothing but a discussion of statistics and percentages. O for a Thomas Paine or Christopher Hitchens even to give the royals the kicking they so justly and richly deserve.

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