Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Roundabouts or Traffick Lights?

It has been said that roundabouts are capitalist and traffick lights socialist because roundabouts assume that individuals are intelligent to work out when to stop and when to go when to give way and when to drive on whereas traffick lights are socialists because they think drivers are stupid and cannot negotiate their ingress and egress,the interaction is beyond them and the only result without such traffick lights is cars crashing in to one another.

Even when only one car is on the road traffick lights will turn red and you sit there like a lemon waiting for nothing because the bureaucrats who designed the system desire the senseless,the arbitrary -the dictatorial for no other reason that it frustrates and impedes the liberty of its subjects and violates commonsense as socialism is intended to do.

Its the same with: Bicycles or cars? and for similar reasons.  Bicycles are Maoist and cars capitalist which is why there has been an unremitting 20 year war against the car waged by leftist environmentalists and a refashioning of the highways to accommodate the muesli munching virtue signalling (but no other signalling) cyclists.

Bycycles are Maoist, an atavistic slap in the face to modernity which is why virulent anti capitalists like Peter Hitchens (him again) are so in favour of them and take pride in holding up traffick with their obstructive road clogging shennanigans.

Cyclists see themselves as anarchists violating all the highway code and are quite happy to jump lights, ride on the pavement and cause the tax paying motorists grief at every turn. They are pre industrial yahoos who now and again face summary justice under the wheels of a 4by4.

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