Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Masters of the Cover Up?

Could it be true that the tin pot guru / fake/ fraud / Roy Masters has been arrested yet again for pulling a gun on a member/s of his family for Chrissakes? It is almost impossible to know as whatever information is on the web is scanty and negligible to say the least. Whether it means that the mafioso like Master's clan are very effective in muzzling the news outlets to cover up this embarrassing saga or whether the US libel laws are more stringent than ours or maybe that he is such an insignificant little nobody in the media scheme of things that his bizarre antics warrant no attention whatsoever or indeed that my interest in his shennanigans is more a reflection of the sad fact that I for a very long time was under the spell of this arrant knave and arch deceiver  I do not know, but whatever the case the events are shrouded in mystery and blank outs. Who is he in dispute with -which sons? If anyone across the pond knows (to be blunt) what's it all about and wants to fill me in on the details I would very much appreciate it, thanks.

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