Thursday, May 03, 2018

And Justice For All

Some religious 'thinkers' ie half wits like Peter Hitchens (yet again) claim that God has to exist else there would be no justice with the clear implication that there is no justice in this world. How so? Has he not heard of the courts of law, prisons - to say nothing of the underlying assumption that those who may have succeeded in evading such institutions and appear to have 'got away with it' have clearly done no such thing.

One has only to examine the wretched lives of criminals, the profound absence of self esteem they manifest, the neurotic inner world they exhibit in their behaviour, their wretched relations and interactions with their fellow man, their squalid short term lives of precariousness, random chance and impulse - to say nothing of the insecurity they experience of never knowing when that knock of the door may come when the law catches up with them, to see that such creatures have no sense of well being, no sense of integrity, no peace of mind or sense of achievement and live lives of quiet or raging desperation.

It is the judgement of reality, harsh relentless and ruthlessly logical that punishes man's delinquency in the 'here and now' not some disembodied entity from another dimension in the mythical next life of Hitchens and co's feverish imagination.

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