Thursday, May 24, 2018

Donald Ducks

Wiser counsel prevailed, maybe it was the wise ish introduction of Boulton into the Whitehouse that did it but whatever the case the  No deal is the only sane result. Maybe he will finally get it that you cannot just do deals with anyone, to sit down with evil to negotiate is evil. The only result can ever be the waxing of that evil and the waning of the good, which of course was never that good  or it would have not conceived of the idea of parleying with evil in the first place.

Imagine if a hoodlum came to your door and said he was going to burn down your house and rape your wife and children first if you did not give him an open ended directed debit arranged 500 a week welfare provision. Would you say that sounds like a good deal I will set it up right now? Far fetched, ridiculous? Would you say no human being would ever agree to such outrageous blackmail and intimidation? Then why would you be in favour of a country acting in exactly the same craven suicidal manner towards a psychopathic sociopathic deranged tyrant busily heaping up his nuclear stockpiles with the power to blow up not just your house but the houses and human beings on a whole continent of the greatest, most noble, moral, advanced, richest, free est powerful nation in the whole history of the human race, namely the United States? 

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