Friday, May 04, 2018

Masters Of Nothing

Mental guru 'Roy Masters' had an even more idiot son David and he used to tell his listeners that you should not be 'outcome based' an idiocy of course got parrot fashion from his father. This is indeed the essence of mysticism and is worth examining.

It's a lie, a contradiction and in reality as opposed to mysticism contradictions do not exist. David Masters only went on the radio to convince his listeners of his argument -outcome based right there. Presumably he thought his ideas were a) worth propagating and b) would help people -more outcome based behaviour.

Would he go on the programme calculating that no one would support it with donations and so therefor the prog would close down -or whether it closed down or stayed open was of no concern to him either way?

Should a man enter business with no concern of making a profit since such concern would be outcome based? To ask the question is to see the lunacy of it yet this is the essence of mysticism and the advice it dispenses to its cretinous credulous followers.

It is no accident that mysticism prevailed in the middle and dark ages -the most horrendous period of barbarity in human history when the irationalism of religion was at its zenith. That some mystics in the 21st century in the light of all that recorded and documented horror should be pedalling the same mental poison is I would posit the very definition of evil itself.

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