Sunday, May 13, 2018

Russia, Land of Serfdom

It is no accident that the tribalist collectivist ideology of communism took root in Russia, the most stupid, backward, pre industrial, superstitious, religious,  primitive nation in europe as opposed to where Marx hoped  it would flourish, in advanced semi capitalist countries like Germany or England who may have tolerated the presence of Marx in the British library but who were stoutly resistant and impervious to his obscurantist theories.

The weak and feeble of mind require a strong leader and this is what Russia had for centuries and it seems it still requires re RusPutin ex kgb goon and soviet autocrat with his journalist killing death squads,  poisoning espionage activities ,state controlled media and paranoiac hatred of the free West and cyber space spying.

The non productive Russian gangster state seeks affiliations with similar dictatorial barbaric nations such as Syria and Iran and shares the arabic anti Israel anti semitism. It's only friends are socialist kooks like George Galloway and rabidly mad Max Keiser an anti capitalist anti American RT shill.

It is Russia's primitive superstitious heritage of fundamentalist orthodox Christianity which has set it on its disastrous path which is why it has such affinity with the fundamentalist abrahamic death cult of Islamism and associates with its low life arabic friends abovementioned.

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