Monday, July 02, 2018

Non Business Rates

Most governments corrupt from within, their greed for the citizen's money grows with the feeding and this is true whatever stripe the party of government  it is, Conservative or Labour. Mostly the latter, as we have seen are superfluous because predation knows no particular affiliation -one political party is all political parties in the mixed economies of the West and statism is the common denominator between them all.

Business rates under this and past administrations are killing business - everyone knows it yet the brigandage and plunder goes on leaving a trail of destroyed businesses behind it. So ravenous is the state that it ends up eating itself  and we are fast approaching that stage in the UK.

The Daily Mail is right to launch a campaign today against this scandal and wanton abuse of  State power though whether the gov will see reason in this matter is far from clear. If characteristics are reliable it will continue its rampage devouring all before it and thus pave the way for Corbyn to finish the job - Uk RIP.

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