Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Brussels or Bolshevism?

That's the choice we are told by May and her 'tory' Remoan co conspirators that lies before us. Do we believe it ladies and gentlemen? Of course they want us to. Hague was pedalling this line on the Today prog a few hours ago. Do they think we are that stupid? Really?

If this were a few hundred years ago May and her Brussels lickspittles would be holed up in the Tower receiving protracted and exquisitely creative surgical attention from the experts in that field as befitting the traitors they so patently are. Conspiring with Labour Remoaners is the final proof if it were needed as to the moral depravity of this wretched She Devil incarnate.

We can have our Brexit and eat it too.With the TransMoggrifier we can navigate our way out of the treacherous waters of Brussels to the sunny uplands of freedom,liberty and Brexitainia where we waive the rules shoving EU dictats and regulations where the sun doesn't shine.

Ireland will erupt if we have a little border security? That is racism,bigotry, moonshine. The Irish know where their interests lie even if the EUphilliacs do not.A resurgence of sectarianism is not on the cards or in anyone's interests either side of the border and to pretend otherwise and scaremonger is immorality not to say evil on steroids.

With Mogg synthesisa we will be out of Brussels,not a penny of Brusselsgeld paid and the fears of the Corbyn is coming 'tory' crowd will melt like snowflakes in hell wherein Corbyn and his fellow Venezuelan renegades are no doubt bound (if I wasn't an atheist).

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