Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Gay Conversion now Illegal!

Look, who cares re gay or straight - certainly no one round here. But if religious wingnuts want to go round trying to 'convert' gays back to 'normal' ie like them(!!?) they should be free to offer such wacky and potentially harmful treatments -just like heroin is harmful but people should be allowed to partake.

But: not on the NHS! Ban it there absolutely, the NHS, well see my recent posts about the unspeakable evil of it - you can only stomach so much of the subject -but not a ban on private 'conversions, because that is the state meddling in free speech and adjudicating in the realm of ideas and as all good libertarians and objectivists know, that is a NO NO.

So once again the state advances into the private domain of the citizen and no one bats an eyelid -or those that do object because in their tired hackneyed cut and paste response 'it's not going far enough'. There's still some freedom left! We still have work to do!

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