Saturday, June 25, 2016

Will Self is not happy

The sight of Will Self angrily stabbing his finger into the face of a black Brezxter on ch 4 yesterday evening was an encapsulation of a liberal establishment prostrate and incandescent with rage at its wholesale defeat and rejection  by the people who dared to challenge its decade's long liberal hegemony. As he twisted and writhed like a snake on a stick hissing his venom and impotent fury I could not help deriving exquisite pleasure from his obvious dicombobulation. Now you know what it feels like Will to be spurned and  rejected and alienated. We are the mainstream now, suck it up. You  can no longr condescend to us, look down on us with lofty disdain,ridicule our aspirations and desires and mock our ambitions. Never glad confident morning again for you and your patronising liberal elites who have misruled for decades. Now you are shaken to the core as the old liberal assumptions lie in ruin before you and your faux composure is gone and all that is left is undiluted rage out in the open for all to see and that dear Will is the icing on the cake of yersterday's historic victory. You were the future once. Now crawl back under your stone.

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