Friday, June 03, 2016

Master non Ego

Of all the arrant lies and misrepresentations of religious mountebank Roy Masters the most egregious is his claim that  the ego is evil and represents the death of man and the birth of the risen ape. Here is the prime example of how religion seeks to dethrone man with his pride and achievements and replace him a sniveling apologetic pathetic quivering bowl of jelly  of low self esteem and non achievement, grovelling for forgiveness from his alleged maker.

The human ego is what gets man out of bed in the morning to create the amazing technologiocal civilization we all take for granted today. The religionists must first destroy this if they are to regain their power of old when they held tyrannical sway in the Dark Ages before the Enlightenment swept them away with their evil priestcraft,hatred of science reason and man.

So let us celebrate the ego and reject the anti life philosophy of religion and its evil miscreant emissaries.

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Linda Method said...

Destroy a man's ego and you destroy a man. I've come to understand this deeply; as I've said before, I once followed this Master of Deception myself and know first-hand what believing in him does to the soul. Masters seeks to eliminate the human ego as if it were a foreign object. Little does he know, the human ego is built into us to insure our survival. How ironic that what drives him to keep dispensing the same ridiculous rhetoric despite his continuing and inevitable decline into oblivity is....his ego!!

Of course, an unchecked ego can be destructive too, as Masters continues to demonstrate. Ego is like a wild horse, it needs some long as the one who bridles it is the one who owns the horse....not someone who is bent on taking the reigns away such as Masters attempts to is the MO of all cult leaders.