Friday, June 24, 2016

End of the Establishment

It is glad confident morning again as I predicted it would be in the face of a near terrorist- like assault on the British people by the corrupt elite Establishment which they would not bend to. This was their finest hour. So many good things have happened. Cameron is going Osbourne is surely only a beat away from going also, Corbyn may be ousted, Borris is waiting in the wings.

Even a corpse dragged onto the stage  would not sway the doughty British voters who saw through the lies,chacanery,dissimulation,tergiversation dissembling and wanton intimidation from all the crackpot institutions who tried to bully them into submission. Steadfast they remained amidst all the lies of pollsters who after their third failure in a row must surely be discredited forever and not given houseroom by any self respecting media outlet again.

So many frauds,criminals professional liars peddlars of outright untruths have been comprehensively routed and scalped by the British public I do not  remember ever feeling so proud of them, I did not think they were made of such sterner stuff. Think of the rogues gallery of liars and low rent politicians and personalities who have been found on the wrong side of history,  Geldolf, Major, Heseltine,Darling,Postman prat Johnson,Blair,Brown, Kinnock, Rudd, all the media luvvies I will not lower myself to name -all owned by the British voters  and forever discrdited as the mountebanks and unprincipled scoundrels they undoubtedly are.

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Linda Method said...

Cool. I was glad for this historic outcome and confident that the UK will recover from the fallout. I only wish we could take advantage of the cheap roundtrip tickets to England and the favourable exchange rate for the American dollar. We've got family and friends in England that we'd love to visit, but work and life won't allow at this time. My daughter is currently in France on a Study Abroad trip, it would have been a blast to see her in Lyon.