Thursday, August 06, 2015

Andy Burnham and Peter Hitchens

Andy Pandy's manifesto 5 point plan Marx him as a commie but in his support for renationalization of British Rail he would have moral support from arch reactionary Peter Hitchens,the alleged 'ex'Communist who has repeatedly advocated renationalization of practically everything that moves.When I pointed out to him on his blog a year ago that his nationalisation of industry and commerce is lifted directly from the Communist manifesto he expressed surprise and ignorance (right there!) and claimed to be unaware of the contents of said Communist Manifesto!This from a journalist who was a card carrying member of that evil and insidious organisation for shame. He then went on to claim presumably on the basis that if you tell a big enough lie people are more likely to believe you that nationalisation has got nothing to do with Socialism!A man who is prepared to brazenly dissemble thus is not to be trusted on any mater one would have thought and yet his has a large camp following and when I pointed out his errors on this and other matters his response or the Mail Online's response was to banned me from contributing to the comments.Standard communist practice incidentally.

Oh well,anyway he at least should be pleased with Mr Burham's 5 year plans for us all.Lets hope they will not come to fruition till Burnham woodentop comes to dunce inane.

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